Lil Wayne - Off Day (feat. Flow)


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Artist : Lil Wayne 
Title : Off Day (feat. Flow) 
Genre : Hip Hop

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
She don't call me Tunechi no more she call me bae
Oh I, don't give a fuck about these niggas all in my face
Cause I'm in the club goin' up, on a weekday
I got an off day tomorrow I'ma sleep late
I brought a bad bitch too she got a beef cake
And she go each way, she need a teammate
I got a bad bitch at home makin' me plates
She lock the door, set the alarm, and text me she safe
I got a big booty bitch with a petite waist
I get my back scratched up she get her knees scraped
Then she ride that dick, oh freeway
And now them titties sittin' nice yeah I wanna bite that
I could fuck you right yeah, all night yeah
That's word to my right hand, that's my mic hand
Shorty with the nice ass needs some flight plans
I'ma fuck her right fast, fly her right back
Hold up, now we suckin' and fuckin'
And suckin' and fuckin', and suckin' and fuckin'
I'm cumin', I'm cumin', I'm cumin'
She got that hoppita, hoppita, I love her
Like wobble, we tonguin', we fuckin'
We tonguin', we fuckin', I'm cumin'

[Verse 2: Flow]
I got a bitch named Vanessa, she like how I finesse her
I comfortable about her I put my pistol on her dresser
Had a threesome with her sister
They thought I was in to ask them
Bust a nut then hit the bathroom
Grab a towel and clean my mess up
I be swaggin' on these hoes, I ain't laughin' with these hoes
I would crack your fuckin' skull before I crack a fuckin' joke
Got some OG straight from Cali
And some backwoods from the store
Got a message from the Tune
And he sent pictures of your home
And we got groupies in the hallway
Set that dick all on her body
Bet theres roaches in my ash tray
Bitches buggin' get the off spray
Girl I fuck with you the long way
Give me blow jobs on your off day
Give me blow jobs on your off day
Give me blow jobs on your off day

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
Oh I, don't give a fuck about all of these hoes in my face
My bitch in the club going up, on a weekday
I see the bitch you came with, I made a stink face
She said her last little boo was such a cheapskate
I put my arm around her shoulder, told her she straight
She ate the dick like a mini mouse eat a cheese cake
She don't call me Tunechi no more she call me bae
I said, oh you got the touch, still I take precaution
I told her I ain't know none of the stuff she been involved with
I fuck her till shes exhausted, pussy tastin' like frosting
Then she get on her knees like b-b-beggin' my pardon
That's word to my right hand, that's my dice hand
Pop that pussy like a price tag till' I white flag


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